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Audrey Hepburn

Transformational Biohacking Health Coaching utilising nature, light & above all, kindness 

Biohacking : at it's most basic it is doing things to your mind and body to make them function better

- Oxford English Dictionary

My consultation was an excellent experience, I felt understood and supported. April has an incredible wealth of knowledge and her suggestions of small changes felt very manageable. Overall it has been an extremely useful compliment to my journey towards improving my health and wellbeing. 


Empowering transformation

I have been in the corporate world for 20+ years. My natural inclination as a PA has always been to support. On leaving this all behind once I had my baby, I decided that my long term study of nutrition needed to take a different turn and from there on, I have been a student on the Health Coach Training Programme at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).  
My role as your coach is to listen, support and guide you to find what you want your life to be. I am particularly interested in bringing our human nature back to the basics, and to try and take out the noise of modern life that is making our society sick. We will work together to find out where you want to be and how to get you there. 
Wellness is achievable and very possible. It certainly doesn't have to come at great expense or sacrifice. 


'I’ve been meaning to say a massive thank you for the vitamin D and light spectrum box  recommendation…. '


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Where can you find me

I will be taking once weekly bookings at Lotus Health & Fitness in Highams Park on a Thursday from 7pm.
Outside of that, I am available remotely or for a walking consultation

Transformation rarely happens overnight so we can take your desire to be the healthiest version of yourself (minimum of 3 sessions) and build your empowerment to go on the journey alone, thereafter. 
However, many of us need someone to keep us accountable and so it would be a pleasure to continue supporting your journey for longer and possibly less frequently as your new story unfolds.
Sessions are £60 per hour. 1st session will be 75 minutes. A 10 minute call in advance to discuss your health history and requirements and if we are able to work together is essential. You can book that below using the contact form.

The healthier happy you, awaits. I look forward to seeing you soon


'I was provided with practical advice across different areas in life that I was able to implement the next day and have started to make a difference. After my redundancy I felt like fixing the job situation will be just fine but after a lengthy conversation exploring job, health and wellbeing, it became apparent that investing in little routines and concentrate on my health and wellbeing as the primary focus will path the way to a more fulfilling job that is based on my values. April gave me a lot of food for thought and helped me to shift my perspective which I’m very grateful for'






Lotus Health & Fitness

Hale End Road, 

London E4

+447955 352416

Consultation times

Thursday 7-9pm at Lotus Health & Fitness

Remote bookings subject to availability - Please reach out to enquire

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